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Understanding Anxiety Disorders This resource is an online program to use with children trying to cope with anxiety. This resource provides parents with an overview of what anxiety disorders are and what causes them, and interventions that can be used. This resource provides a list of books parents can use […]

Ways to Help You and Your Child Cope With COVID-19 This link describes ways to start a healthy conversation with your child in regards to more challenging issues such as COVID-19. This link provides helpful psychological techniques to use to help your child manage changes to their routine due to COVID-19. This link provides activities to incorporate into […]

Resources for Children with Disabilities

Developmental Delay ( -this link explains what is developmental delay and what services are available if I think a child might be delayed Center for Parent Information & Resources ( – this link provides information about children with intellectual disability for teachers and parents Children’s Health Insurance Program ( – […]

Helpful Resources- Intellecutal Disabilities

Positive Parenting: This is a blog page written by pediatric doctors for parents who have children with some sort of disability. This particular blog focuses on intellectual disabilities and how to support their child.  Intellectual Disability and Health: This article is targeted to parents with children who are […]

Helpful Resources: Autism Spectrum Disorders ( – a health-human services that is committed to supporting individuals on the Autism Spectrum and their families. Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP) ( – a program designed to help adults with ASD. The Center of Secondary Education for Students with ASD (CSESA) ( – a research and […]

Help-Seeking Resources

Therapist Finder. This link is a resource from Psychology Today of local therapists that you can tailor to fit your (or your child’s) specific needs and location and may be able to provide multiple opinions – Choosing a Therapist. This link is from Psych Central on how to pick […]