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Helpful Resources- Intellecutal Disabilities – Trajectories
Course Blog for Developmental Psychopathology (PSY330; Spring 2020)

Helpful Resources- Intellecutal Disabilities

Positive Parenting: https://mypositiveparenting.org/2017/11/09/parenting-a-child-with-intellectual-disability/

This is a blog page written by pediatric doctors for parents who have children with some sort of disability. This particular blog focuses on intellectual disabilities and how to support their child. 

Intellectual Disability and Health: http://www.intellectualdisability.info/life-stages/articles/transition-for-children-with-intellectual-disabilities

This article is targeted to parents with children who are now over the age of eighteen and are being transitioned into supported or assisted living. Parents reading this article will learn about the best and easiest way to transition with their child. 

Special Olympics: https://media.specialolympics.org/resources/community-building/young-athletes/resources-for-families/Young-Athletes-New-Family-Resource-English.pdf

This is a pamphlet that helps parents understand what the future could hold once their child is diagnosed with an intellectual disability. The pamphlet goes into great detail about all the different support classes your child can be enrolled in to help. 

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