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Viewing ADHD in Children – Trajectories
Course Blog for Developmental Psychopathology (PSY330; Spring 2020)

Viewing ADHD in Children

During our transition from in person to online classes, we have been discussing concepts around ADHD. The challenges that occur within the literature and diagnosing ADHD whether it is over or misdiagnosing. We learned that ADHD can be viewed as two separate problems: (a) inattention/disorganization and (b) hyperactivity/impulsivity. It is more likely to diagnose a boy compared to a girl with ADHD. Girls are more likely to portray the inattention/disorganization behaviors while boys are more likely to show the hyperactivity/impulsivity behaviors. Which is correlated to girls exhibiting more of internal behaviors and boys exhibiting more of external behaviors. Girls’ behaviors tend to go unnoticed because they are not easily identified while boys’ behaviors of aggression, hyperactivity, and impulsivity is more defiant. When viewing a child’s behavior we have to be open to everything because some behaviors are seen as disobedience but ultimately is just being misunderstood. Having an understanding about ADHD and the symptoms the child exhibited can help provide better support to for the child while in the classroom and at home.

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