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Viewing ADHD in Children

During our transition from in person to online classes, we have been discussing concepts around ADHD. The challenges that occur within the literature and diagnosing ADHD whether it is over or misdiagnosing. We learned that ADHD can be viewed as two separate problems: (a) inattention/disorganization and (b) hyperactivity/impulsivity. It is […]

Helpful Resources: Autism Spectrum Disorders

HHS.gov ( hhs.gov/programs/topic-sites/autism/autism-support/index.html) – a health-human services that is committed to supporting individuals on the Autism Spectrum and their families. Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP) (dhs.pa.gov/Services/Disabilities-Aging/Pages/ACAP.aspx) – a program designed to help adults with ASD. The Center of Secondary Education for Students with ASD (CSESA) (csesa.fpg.unc.edu) – a research and […]

Levelle Arnold

The start of my freshman year, I suffered from MDD. Overtime, I found support to help me deal with my mental health issues. In the same way, a phoenix is reborn from the ashes of its own death, I was reborn from the loss of hope and awakened by the […]