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Class Profiles

Molly Roitman

I have always loved working with children through being a camp counselor and babysitting for many years. As a student, I am very interested in the development of children. I first became interested in the topic after taking Child Development with Dr. Sinno. This class is very interesting to me […]

Ara Ludwig

Hi, my name is Ara Ludwig and I am a Psychology and Math double major at Muhlenberg College. I am from Lancaster, PA and I want to get my doctorate and be a child/adolescent psychologist after I graduate. I work at the Office of Community Engagement and volunteer at Roosevelt […]

Sydni Nardino

Hi, my name is Sydni and I am a sophomore. I am a Psychology major and hope to attend graduate school after Muhlenberg, where I will get my master’s degree in elementary school counseling. I love working with kids and am very excited to have this opportunity.

Levelle Arnold

The start of my freshman year, I suffered from MDD. Overtime, I found support to help me deal with my mental health issues. In the same way, a phoenix is reborn from the ashes of its own death, I was reborn from the loss of hope and awakened by the […]

Brittany Hurlock

Hi, my name is Brittany, and I am currently a junior double majoring in Theatre and Psychology. I am extremely passionate in both fields and hope to incorporate use of both subjects in the field of work I choose to do. In terms of Psychology, I am extremely interested in […]

Talia Hawkins’ Profile

Hi I’m Talia! I’m a junior Psychology major and I hope to get a PhD in a sub-field of psychology one day. My interests change like the weather, but whatever my future looks like, I’m sure it will involve travelling and working with people who are experiencing some type of […]

Simone Nachman

I am a sophomore Psychology major and am on the Pre-K-4 track for the Education Certification Program. I am deeply involved with Jewish and Greek life on campus and have aspirations to work in Special Education.

Jenna Eggert

Hi! My name is Jenna Eggert. I am a Psychology major on the Pre K – 4 certification track. I am interested in the development of children mentally and physically. My life goal is to be a classroom teacher for elementary-aged students. I love kids and want to teach them […]

Mark J. Sciutto, Ph.D.

Dr. Sciutto has been at Muhlenberg since the Fall of 2001. He teaches Psychological Statistics, Research Methods, Abnormal Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Developmental Psychopathology, and Advanced Research in Psychology. His research focuses on the role that knowledge and misconceptions of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) might play in families’ help-seeking behavior. He is […]