Course Blog for Developmental Psychopathology (PSY330; Spring 2020)

ADHD: Diagnosis and Views

In class, during this time of transition, we have been talking about ADHD; the issues with diagnosis and the popular, sometimes stigmatized, view of it. We learned the the hallmark symptoms are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, although they are not all always seen and can be seen in many different ways. Some children have only one symptom that takes over and can cause an issue, some all three and many fall in the middle. While ADHD can seen more clearly in one class or another, or a certain situation over another, it is not seen across the board. A certain authority may see it as an issue where another one does not. This is where the struggle with diagnosis can be found. Overall, it is important that what’s best for the child is done but many people do not see this as an issue or believe nothing is wrong with their child; it is simply them being a child. This is a possibility in some cases, but there is also the possibility, that with proper treatment, their child could do even better than the current situation. Stigma with ADHD and treatments are a big deal. The most common treatments are stimulants, and while there are other ways of dealing with it, some people have a hard time giving stimulants to children. We have learned that whatever is best for the child and family is the right option but there is still a long way to go in diagnosing and treatment. The best thing one can do is to educate and make sure they are doing what is right for them and their child.

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